Marian Anderson: a Musical Icon visits Tacoma

-- by Joelle dela Cruz On February 5th, 1945, Tacoma was graced with a concert from famous singer Marian Anderson. This concert was a very anticipated performance because of Anderson’s prestige as a talented contralto singer. She gave a powerful performance in front of a record setting crowd at the Temple Theatre. She sang “My... Continue Reading →


Paul Robeson, Ballad for Americans, and the Theremin

-- by Kim Davenport On November 19, 1941, the multi-talented Paul Robeson made his first concert appearance in Tacoma.  Although it was his powerful baritone voice that was featured in this particular event, Robeson was famous for a wide variety of talents.  As only the third African-American student to be admitted to Rutgers University, in... Continue Reading →

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