A Whimsical Establishment: Steve’s Gay ’90s

-- by Deyana Pangelinan Figure 1: Steve's Gay 90s, April 1951Figure 2: Steve's Gay 90s location, 2018 In 2018, huddled in the dusty dilapidated corner of a slowly deteriorating building on South Tacoma Way lies the recently closed down restaurant of what used to be called, “Ah Badabing Pizzeria” right next to a quaint little... Continue Reading →

Tacoma Dome – from the beginning

-- by Melanie Alvarado When someone speaks about Washington State they usually think of the rain, the PNW and Seattle. Rightfully so, Seattle is the largest city in Washington and has heavy musical ties and culture. The Seattle music scene extends deep but what many be overlooked is Tacoma, also known as the City of... Continue Reading →

Silas and his Mandolin

--by Kim Davenport Silas Seth Weeks was born in Vermont, Illinois in 1868. His father Thomas, a barber, recognised his musical talent early and encouraged him to pursue a musical education. Seth began with the violin, but soon gravitated towards the guitar, and would eventually focus his attentions on his favorite instrument, the mandolin. After... Continue Reading →

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